Condition for an integer to contain 10 digit numbers only

what is the condition to get only 10 digits for mobile number . suppose if we are working with input dialog asking user to enter your mobile number then fro user it should accept only 10 digit mobile number if he send 9 or 11 then it should not proceed . what is the condition please tell me anyone.

Hi Harsha

You will get the output from Input dailog as string or generic value ex:phonenumber

you can use the condition phonenumber.tostring.length = 10 then proceed else ask the user to enter number again.

if you want to validate the number only for digits use the following regular expression


find the attached workflow if you need further clarification

Input Dailog Example.xaml (13.3 KB)

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This is good example but from my side i would simply stick to check only if this pattern is a match.


It will check if the input is exactly 10 digits.