Concurrent Runtime and Robot

Hi, What is the use of concurrent unattended license type if licenses are only released when a machine is disconnected (from what I experienced and read ). Is there any particular business reason that Uipath has created this kind of license semantic that you can defined more number of machines and robots than the number of concurrent licenses that one might purchase?

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Concurrent User License is basically well based for BPO where 2 developers are using different machines to login and develop the bot!!!
So instead of two licenses, company can save a bit by using Concurrent License!!!

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Yes, but my question is more on Concurrent Runtime licenses not concurrent User. Concurrent Runtime is intended for unattended bots. At the moment Runtimes are not de-allocated untill machine is shut down or deactivated. So my question is what is the usage scenario for this kind of license model

It’s for simultaneous execution basically!!!

Please check the official online documentation: Service licensing

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