From excel1 I have to take all the values ​​in this table, but I just want to compare the field called “Name”

I have to look for the names in the second excel and if it is the same, take the value of the “k” column and paste the name and that value into a third excel

I hope you can help me

Excel1.xlsx (97.3 KB) Excel2.xlsx (21.4 KB)


Quick question: will that table of excel1 will always start from 18th row ?
another question : you need to get output of only ‘k’ column in third excel ?

This is how it always starts in row 18

I need the output of the entire excel1 table plus column k of excel2

alright, that’s easy
you can use either Join data table or Vlookup activities

1 read range - excel table1
2. read range - excel table2
3. join data table - outputtable
4. write range - output table


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