Conceptual/general questions I still have after working with UI Path


future key user here. I’ve been working with UI Path for about a week now and will soon have to hold a presentation for my company about the concept and chances of RPA. Here are 4 questions I still have, I hope someone can help me clarify these.

  1. I think I’ve understood the difference between attended and unattended bots. But what part is actually defined as “the robot”? I find myself having a hard time explaining it to others let alone justify the “extra costs” for some “robot” I can’t describe what it actually is. As far as I understand, the studio is the “editor” where you create your sequences and when you hit execute, that part is done by the bot. Is this correct? If so I find the terminology a bit confusing.
  2. How does a “robot” differentiate from a macro? Is it just that with UI Path you can work with any software environment? I’ve been told that macro softwares doing similar tasks have existed for decades. What is the groundbreaking new thing about Ui Path if there is any? What does UI Path offer that didn’t exist three years ago? Is it the user interface? Honest question.
  3. All I’ve done using UI Path so far is defining variables, assigning tasks etc. all by myself. I still don’t understand where the “artificial intelligence” comes in. Am I using the software wrong? I mean I can see that when I click some element on the screen that UI Path grabs the entity information. Is that already it? Is there anything else to it? How do I “sell” to anyone in my company that a.i. part - if at all?
  4. I think I’ve worked with an attended robot (test licence). Am I correct that with an unattended robot I can set a timer for some task so it starts and runs all by itself let’s say at mitnight? Can the same be achieved with an attended robot?

Thanks for your help, really looking forward to work with UI path!


  1. the robot concept is quite the same as a person, is the one/thing who perform the actions
  2. in the past we did have to use raw scripts to make some automations, but the were things that could not adapt to the smaller changes the environment could suffer, like resolution changes, application changes, uipath will make all easier now so you can develop something that can adapt to some changes in applications and environments
  3. Well the AI part of a software is not just in studio itself but on the automation you are developing with it, so that you can automate something that is not always the same and still will work
  4. Attended robots are the ones that are run on someones machine with often interactions by that person on tasks that cannot run fully automated, Unattended robots are the ones that can run on a server and will not required human intervention.
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Thank you bcorrea, this actually helped me a lot with a question that came up during the presentation!

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