Concatenate range in write range activity

how to concatenate integer variable with string in range field of write range activity


StringVariable + intergervariable.ToString(egoutput:A1) is the way to concatenate int and string. I believe you are asking about range field

If this is not what you asked…Can you be more clear on the scenario


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Hey @pravin_bindage,

To concatenate two variables you have to make sure both are of same type, like there are two variables a and b, a is of type integer and b is of type string so you have to convert a into string and to do so you can use this expression **a.ToString+b**

@pravin_bindage ,
You can use Stringvar+intvar.Tostring


For eg: you wanted to set the range as A1:A10 and the 10 is varying, then you can give as


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