ComputerVision Server Down


I’m trying to run a bot based on Computer vision, and today is not working. I try to edit the function and says server dows. Does this happens to anyone? Thanks.

Hi @goncalomig

Could you try now? It should be fixed :slight_smile:


Now it shows a error message saying that No licensing information was found in the assembly that calls the component. Is there necessary a different license for using computer vision? How can I update my license? Thanks.

Could you pls try again and post the error message you get?
Works for me


this might be a wrong CV or UIA version. Could you do a clean project and try on that?

  • new project
  • remove existing UIAutomation dependency
  • install latest BETA Computer Vision

that happened to me too, I had to update the CV version to latest beta version and it worked!!!

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After update the package, it start to apper this… ?

Somehow you didn’t follow the 3 steps posted. Could you either try again, and then post the packages versions that you have in your project?

I update my version of the studio and now it’s working. Thanks you all.

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