Computer Vision Try / Catch behaves differently between UiPath Studio and Orchestrator


  • Try Catch does not evaluate the “SelectorNotFoundException” accurately in Orchestrator when “ContinueOnError” is set to True
  • (In a MS Remote Desktop Environment)
  • Computer Vision Try / Catch behaves differently between UiPath Studio and Orchestrator
  • In attempt to know “where” you are, I evaluate for presence of a screen or window and it’s elements / anchors
  • Using a Try / Catch to catch/ trap if the element is present or not
  • Using: " SelectorNotFoundException" as trigger in Catch
  • In order to evaluate this accurately in Studio, I have property “Continue on Error?” blank/OFF.
  • Works accurately - I am able to trap if the is image or window present or not
  • Does not evaluate accurately when “ContinueOnError” is set to True
  • By assigning variables, I am able to determine “where” I am using a truth table
  • But when that runs in in Orchestrator, it crashes on that Try / Catch when “Continue on Error?” OFF
  • (It terminates / does NOT continue)
  • To get it to not stop, I turn property “Continue On Error?” to TRUE
  • HOWVER, it now does NOT evaluate correctly
  • The Try/ Catch now does NOT work.
  • It now does NOT trigger the catch if the image or window is NOT present
  • Get’s “false positive”
  • My truth tables are now not accurate
  • And although it did not terminate, the truth table are inaccurate and I don’t really know the screens and widows present
  • Using:
  • UiPath.System.Activities 22.45
  • UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities 22.4.7
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop plugin & RunTime Extension were installed
  • Any thoughts ?

hi @blane
Welcome to the UiPath community
As you said, the continue on error property is set to true, try catch does not catch the exception properly. Continue on error property should not be set to true (studio and orchestrator as well).

Though that does not seem intuitive to disregard the Try / Catch when ContinueOnError is True, I understand that now.
Thank you for clearing that up.