Computer Vision Recording - Unable to capture drop-down menu item


How do you select an item from a drop-down box when using AI Computer Vision recording? I’m unable to do so. What’s the trick to get AI Computer Vision to work with a drop-down box element? Here’s what’s happening:

  • I start the AI Computer Vision recording session.
  • Hover over the drop-down arrow of the drop-down box.
  • Computer Vision selects the dro-down arrow and an anchor.
  • I click on the drop down arrow and the dorp down menu flashes by in an instant. No time to select the option.
  • If I click on the drop-down arrow one more time, the same thing happens and Computer Vision records it as a second instance of clicking the drop-down arrow.

I had a look at the AI Computer Vision video recording in UiPath Academy. The narrator therein manages to get the drop-down list to stay visible on the screen in order to select an option, but does not explain how to do that.

Anybody know how I can use AI Computer Vision to select an option from a drop-down menu when using the AI Computer Vision recording option?

After clicking the dropdown using click activity in cv and again drag click activity and indicate on screen then give F2 key screen will wait for 3 secs and select that dropdown manually and click on the options now.

If you tried this method also let me know will do some other solutions.

Hope it helps,


Is your environment is Citrix or image based automation?


No, it doesn’t work. The problem is when I use CV recording and click the drop down menu, it flashes by in an instant not giving you time to choose the options from the drop down menu.


No, it’s not a Citrix environment. Since, I’m learning to use CV, I am using sample forms from the internet. For example, I’m using this form:

I start CV recording and, for example, click on “Price Range” and thereafter am unable to make a selection from the drop-down box.


Have manged to make drop-down selections work with CV recording. Nothing special to it. I followed the standard procedure:
Selected the page
Selected the drop down menu
Selected the option from the drop down menu
Saved the CV recording and exited.

The reason for the earlier issue was that on some web-pages, the drop down menu options fly-by in a flash without giving you a chance to select what you want, whereare other websites let you calmly choose your drop-down option without closing it in a jiffy. Seems to be a website drop-down design issue. Maybe @andreeaghetu, the instructor from the CV course video can enlighten us.

Nevertheless, thank you very much Sriram07. Cheers.

Hi, @kewakerukeli!

I managed to click on the dropdown menu in the video because I was automating inside a Windows RDP session.
As a workaround, I suggest that just for that dropdown click you access your website through a virtualization method. That should make the menu persistent for capturing the action.
The resulting CV activity should work on the same element no matter how you access it in the future (either locally or through a virtualization method).
Let me know how it goes! :slight_smile: