Computer vision not loading


I installed cv activity package yesterday on my uipath however logging in today it is showing that i have downloaded it however i can’t see the activity on my activity panel.


can anyone help in what has happened here

which version you are using @nick.v ??

2.2.0 well i was using it

i havent installed any packages still im able to use Cv

I’ve installed an older version it is now showing and available to use. however i need to loop the cv dropdown process, how can i do that? ive created a loop however it doesn’t pick the next file in the drop down, thats where i need help on this cv dropdown theres not a selector tab for me to edit an put in a code like idx=’"+Counter.ToString+"'

how can i go about this?


it should pick the next file in the drop down and repeat the process however it clicks on the same file on every time it loops, can anyone help me here?

drop down is not working??

will it only have two options in that drop down list??

these 2 are test data, there will be up to 25 to run

can you use select item without CV

select item is not compatible with this user interface, i get an error when using it


good do one thing open uiexplorer and click on indiacte element and click on the ui element! and post the screen shot here

your selector should be like this drop down options are available if it’s there then you can copy the selector and paste it to the select item activity

I’ve clicked on the element, where do i click to get the ui element? i can see it on this page

on the down arrow button!

sorry @Pradeep_Shiv where on the screen is the down arrow button?

check my sample screenshot @nick.v

is this the down arrow you are talking about? I am not sure what else you mean.

Also you’ve mentioned to copy and paste it into select item, however this is ‘CV dropdown’ activity not select item there is not a field to enter target, would i put it into the descriptor field in “” instead?