Computer vision from user profile


In our organisation we are trying to run computer vision on an DRP. When starting the application it gets blocked by our system. Our infra team told me that it is because CV starts from the user profile location which is not allowed within our business. Is there a way to start or run CV from a different location then the user profile path? Is changing the package download path sufficient?

Thanks in advance.

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Did we try with other option like using Citrix Extension
So that we will be able to access each element in that window

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Hi @Palaniyappan
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Unfortunately we cant use a Citrix Extension and have to use CV instead in this case.

I m not sure in this
As I hope it would result the same that we got earlier

Kindly check once with the Technical support on this pls

Cheers @MickeyFireMouse

Was hoping I could avoid Technical support and somebody else had this same challenge. If nobody responds ill get in contact with them.

If you are using Enterprise version, then i guess you can reinstall in any folder you prefer, but CE is like that by default, i think it cant be changed.

I was wondering about that. Is the package install folder the same as CV launches from? How does CV run (i thought it was part of the core installation)