Computer Vision - Form Reading

So I have manged to pick up one thing from this form which was the Last Name, anything else just comes out as blank. So I know what im doing is correct, just trying to work out what it is i need to do to makke it pick up the rest of the text.

The write line just outputs nothing

Hi @Jersey_Practical_Sho

before diving into defining the fields yourself have you tried different engines like Tesseract OCR (google) and if yes, did you try different scales and options?

Do you have a well scanned pdf?

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Microsoft OCR is the only one available in the CV activity

Edit yes I have tried different scales etc

I’ve used Tesseract OCR in a CV scope activity!

And it was mentioned in the official training of uipath.

Are you sure you can’t use it in your end?

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I have tried all of the OCR’s but they never pickup the handwriting

If you need to extract the handwriting, you’ll need to use an OCR engine that can detect & extract it, as well as the other texts in the image.

To see what the OCR (and CV) detect, double click on the informative screenshot. All the detected elements & texts are highlighted.

Could you post them, for MS and Google OCR?

And we’ll soon release an update with Google cloud OCR, which will bring visible improvements to text detection, and hopefully to your case as well.
If you can PM me the image I can try it out and let you know if it works

Cool I’ll take a look

Kind regards

Robin Morgan

@Cosin i am also facing the same problem CV Get Text activity not able to capture handwritten text .
Please suggest
Gopal Tewari

Use an OCR that can extract handwritten text…