Computer Vision - Dependent of Image Color


I am doing a computer vision development where the Background color is as follows

  1. Testing Environment - Blue and White
  2. Production Environment - Orange and light orange

I am getting a Element not found exception when testing the same workflow from training to production.

Q : Is computer vision dependent on the Image Color

Q: What are the workarounds to avoid this hassle? if have to move to production technically i will have to re implement it from scratch.



As per my understanding, Computer vision is the component where the image\citrix, etc interface is scanned and recognized as elements. (People, correct me if I am wrong).

So, any entity shall be considered to be an element, such that image automation(less reliable component) is avoided.

That being said, element must have corresponding selector. As per what your error states, element not found is nothing but the robot telling you that the selector is incorrect. Play around with the selector and try making is dynamic.

And NO, as per what I understand, it should not be color dependent.

Above is the answer for your Q1 and Q2 together.

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I checked with the UI Path enterprise support and they told me that Color is a primary dependency.

which means i will have to keep re capturing the elements to move it to production.


I understand. Thanks for sharing their response! It always helps us learn and spread knowledge!!

If the above is the case then I guess you have to keep re-capturing the elements to move it to production.


Hi Malik. No, having the same color is not a requirement, except for icons.

So your setup shouldn’t be re-made. Can you pls post the screenshots from testing & production so we can investigate? Also, what OCR are you using?

hi @Cosin,

i have attached the screenshot. we are using the microsoft ocr.

Malik UI color change (353.2 KB)