Computer Vision Click Performance Slowness Timeframe

Why a single click of Computer Vision takes 4 seconds using OCR?

Post an internal test, it is observed that one CV Click has a 4 seconds slowness if using OCR.

Initially, it was not clear if this is normal (by design) or not and assumed that the CPU is what the speed of the OCR process depends on.

To validate this, testing on a single-core VM the one CV OCR Click and found that:

  • with a 2.7gh CPU loaded to100%, a single click consumes 19 seconds from which OCR consumed 4 seconds
  • but if reducing the CPU availability from 100% to 51%, the OCR process took 13 seconds
  • afterward, to test if the CV OCR performance is dependent on the number of cores, increased the CPU core count to 3 and still 100% loaded availability, but nothing changed
Thus having said, this shows that the CV OCR performance depends on the hertz value and CPU loading availability only by a single-core and increasing the hertz of the CPU might help.

There is no additional control over any of the OCR engines, since UiPath uses/ implements them as they are.