Computer Vision-Clarification

I have two doubts on Uipath Computer Vision Activity.
Once we add the CV screen, we get a dialogue box for confirmation.

Can I know what type of data it tracks and how?
Is it going to be a threat?

can i have that screenshot if possible
Cheers @KarthikBallary


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no problem we can agree and go further,

and for this

no not at all
its like fuzzy matching and AI all integrated together
so the data that we choose as element in UI will be sent to UIPATH Server and after analysis it helps us along the process to identify those elements

Cheers @KarthikBallary

Thanks, second doubt is that
I am using free version if I develop a automation program and deploy it for production- is this activity works fine who don’t have account in platform/cloud. Is API KEY changes frequently?

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unless the account is changed its fine, that if the bot is ran from the orchestrator from where the api is obtained
else i hope we need to use API from that cloud account

API keys wont change frequently in same account, but changes between accounts