Computer vision and ocr is available in mobile automation?

Hello guys,

I want to automate rdp in mobile app how to do that… Please let me know…

Also I see in community edition there is no computer vision and ocr activities to automate rdp in Mobile

Urgent please let me know


Please check this URL

@Lakshay_Verma Thank you will have a look.

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@Lakshay_Vermai did not see any topic related computer vision for mobile app automation.

@Gopal_Krishna AI and CV are not integrated with mobile Automation

@Lakshay_Verma Oh…okay. How can I achieve the operations which are based in Computervision & AI ? any idea

You can try using emulator in windows and automate it using cv and AI.

Alright… thank you! Will try… @Lakshay_Verma

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