Computer Vision and Grids

Wondering how well or if any thought has been given for this new Computer Vision technology to be able to identify and work with Grids in both Desktop (Windows) Apps and Virtual (Citrix) Apps…?
Today, identifying and working with Tables in Web-based Apps is pretty good and can be easily populated into a Data Table, but the same cannot be said with in comes to Windows or Desktop based Apps. Recognition of a Grid Control is minimal at best and the ability to populate a Data Table from a Grid is virtually non-existent, so would like to see better support of Grids. Typically one has to select initial Cell or Row in order to generate Selector, then have to implement code/logic to manually iterate through the rows in a Grid, again - not optimal.

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Hi @rstaylor62,

Yes grids and tables are not fully supported, but uipath team is working on this to get it available in the future.

Refer the below post

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