Computer Vision activities on On Premise Orchestrator

I’m trying to launch a process on an unattended robot, in which the CV is used, from an On Premise Orchestrator(v 2019.10.17). The development was made on a personal machine with access to a personal cloud.uipath account and a cloud orchestrator. Now I’m trying to migrate the process to the On Premise Orchestrator, but the CV elements are only found if I happen to be connected in a remote session to the virtual machine were the process is supposed to run. If there’s no remote connection, the elements are not found.

What is the appropriate method of running the CV activities on On Premise Orchestrators, should I install a CV Server, and if so where particularly?

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Hi @alvaro.j.nobre,

Per my understanding, CV feature is not available on on-prem orchestrator unless you specifically setup a server for same.

Same goes with AI/ML features.




Hello Alvaro,
you can find more information about CV Server at the document portal.
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On-prem Orchestrtor doesn’t have CV included, but you can install a separate on-prem CV server, or use the Local deployment (detections are performed directly on the robot that executes the process)

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