Component version upgrade scenario inquiry

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I would like to request for confirmation or possibly correction to my understanding of the behavior and result of segregated upgrading of UiPath components (specifically: Robot & Studio) .

Scenario I had in mind:

-All components are using a single license key and are provisioned in a single Orchestrator (v.18.4)-

Machine 1:
-1 studio, 1 robot v.18.4
Machine 2:
-1 studio, 1 robot v.18.4
Machine 3:
-1 robot. v.18.4

What I would like to do is to upgrade the Studio and robot versions to v.19.10 for Machines 2 & 3 while leaving Machine 1 as is. My understanding is that I should have no issue whatsoever besides the possible compatibility issue from running processes developed in Machine 2 in Machine 1. But apart from the forward compatibility issue, should I expect any other issues specifically when it comes to upgrading the components in relation to their licenses?

Thanks in advance!

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hi @BenMar
You are exactly right ,
Bit of additional information as follows

You can work with higher version of robot with old packages ( there might be kind of compatibility issues but can be corrected)

But you are upgrading studio studio mens your new development will be running under new version , so newly created development will be some issues with Machine 1, and Machine 2,3 will be ok

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Thanks very much for the confirmation and additional info @Maneesha_de_silva!

Stay safe & healthy! :vulcan_salute:

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