Component tags incorrectly joined after editing


After editing a component entry in Draft stage, tags got concatenated into one:
(these were previously: Studio, DDD, Activity, Entity, Prototyping)

PS> Still not sure - should UiPath Go! issues be placed in UiPath Go! category or Bug Reports?

Hi @andrzej.kniola

Definitely under the Go! category, it’s easier for the Go! team to address them. @RazvanC

Though I’d say the safest way to report them is via Go! support contact form. This way they will be automatically tracked.

I also can confirm that the fastest way is through the GO! support contact form.

I will also tag @AlinCopoiu and @2dor as they are in charge with GO! support and bug.


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Hi @andrzej.kniola ,

The current tagging setup will concatenate everything you type until you hit enter or you select the word from the drop-down as seen here - image
If multiple items need to be inserted this procedure needs to be repeated for each separate tag.

Thanks you!

They were set up that way and displayed correctly, but when component was saved and reentered via edit mode they are concatenated.

Wrt support - is there a public bug tracker? Would be good to know what’s already known.