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Hello All,

I have noticed that many work with data tables in our daily automation activities. However tasks like aggregating the data in a data table, Sorting the columns of a data table require some coding. How about easing it out with a simple set of activities… :slight_smile:

I just got a component published which can do such tasks using a simple activity without the need of complex code in your workflows.

Activities Included

With every update, this component will be included with new activities that ease out complex data table related manipulations. As the initial version, this activity pack includes three activities.

  • Data Table Consolidate: Enables to easily perform data grouping and calculating SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX, COUNT, STANDARD DEVIATION AND VARIANCE of the figures
  • Data Table Column Sort: We can easily sort the data of a data table. However, ordering the columns of a data table is bit of a hassle. This activity helps ordering the columns in ascending or descending order of the column name with ease.
  • Data Table Horizontal Merge: Combines the columns of two data tables with minimum joining capabilities. However, specifying a match column is mandatory. Though the data in it will not be matching, it will combine the two tables as one and the data will be arranged based on how it is matched.

it also includes a user manual where you can read and understand how to use the activities… :slight_smile:

More activities will be added to this component in the future… Stay tuned…

Happy Automating!!


I like the fact that this component can easily consolidate values.
Can we sort columns randomly instead of ascending or descending order?


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Hey @jogayon001

Exactly, it’s one of the most helpful features we have in the component :slight_smile:

Right now, its only ascending and descending. I’m planning on doing a upgrade to that activity to get the columns sorted in custom format :slight_smile: So stay tuned as it will be coming faster than a cheetah :rofl:

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Hi Lahiru,

Could you please let me know the exact package name where we can calculating SUM, AVG, MIN, MAX, COUNT, STANDARD DEVIATION AND VARIANCE

Thanks in advance .

Akhil B

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Hello @Bachali

Here is the link:

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Thanks a lot


Akhil B

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