Complimentary Software for Developing Automations

I am relatively new to the UiPath ecosystem but have been working in Enterprise Automation for quite a while and am constantly experimenting with software tools.

Some I recommend as helpful and worth a Look.

VS Code hard to beat especially if you spend a little time leaning in and learning its myriad features and extensions

Oddly although I love VS Code once you have your favourite few dozen extensions loaded it’s overkill for pure .txt files and I still have Notepad++ associated for those.

Fiddler is great for troubleshooting Web Transactions

GitHub Desktop I like for it’s simplicity

I still maintain some VBA and this is a solid tool to help as is the RubberDuck

this is as good or better as dozens of FileSync tools

WinMerge has saved my sanity a few times

Hopefully some other gurus can add other tools they have found helpful in Automation and UiPath tasks.


Process monitor for system level monitoring

Oh I forgot about the SysInternals Suite and Command line tools they deserve their own section for sure.

AutoRuns is another one I would recommend mastering particularly the ability to save Sets of Starting programs for very old workstations with too much stuff starting at once.

Streams is now built in to the newest PowerShell versions but it has always just worked.

If you have every tried Fixing and Creating really complicated NTFS permissions then this one is brilliant.