Complete Guide on UiPath & ServiceNow Integration

UiPath recently released the ServiceNow Integration activities. In this video, we will see how to integrate UiPath & ServiceNow along with the problem statement and its solution which will help us understand the business use case of this integration.

Video Link:

The following topics are covered in the video:

  1. Creating UiPath Workflow
  2. Converting UiPath Workflow To Test Case
  3. Comparing Actual Result with Expected Result in Test Case
  4. Taking a screenshot when Test Case Succeed or Failed
  5. Publishing a Test Case To Orchestrator
  6. Running A Test Case From Orchestrator
  7. Checking Test Case Output in Orchestrator

Hello, I’ve followed all the setup directions you’ve provided and when attempting to connect, I am getting “Invalid redirect_uri” error in a browser window.

I have the ServiceNow instance URL in the SN Redirect URL field, as shown in your video. Without this value in the Redirect URL field, I get error “Missing redirect URL in application registration.”
Have you seen this error before, and do you have any advice on how to resolve? Thank you!

When you create the Application in Application Registry in ServiceNow there’s an option to add a redirect URI check if you have added there as well @AaronTank

That is what I have done - see this screenshot below. I have put the instance URL in the Redirect URL field in Application Registry to match what you did in the video. Before doing this, I was getting an error “missing redirect URL,” after setting this field is when I started getting the “invalid redirect uri” error.

I have solved this issue; the redirect URL in ServiceNow must be set to Once this was set, I was able to connect without issue.

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