Compiling excel files

Hi, attached is my excel file which there will be inputs on some columns from row 7 onwards. I have 2 questions here regarding this type of format.

How do i compile all of them but keep row 1-6 as it should be fixed. The header should be row 5. I know usually datatable write to excel with headers, but this case im really lost as there are not only headers, but also more rows above.

For each row from row7 onwards, there will be another data table. this datatable is to fill column K onwards, meaning first row of table will fill column K to N, and second row of datatable will fill col O to R and so on…tem.xlsx (26.3 KB)

How do i go about for these?

I havent get all things but for writing datatable on excel you can use your range wisely
if you want to keep first few rows as it is and write data from 6 as 5 is your headers
U can use Write range as A6 by un-checking add headers property
similary for another datatable to write from K6 u can use range as K6 so from K6 data will be write
Hope u get my point , or i am wrong then pls share few more details like input and expected op

umm kinda confusing.
I’ve added this 2 excel files with 4 values of col C each, by right after compiling the final should should have all the same format, except col C, where they are 8 values.
tem.xlsx (26.1 KB) tem2.xlsx (26.1 KB)
the below is an example of the datatable for col K onwards. the datatable’s rows might differ, hence i think probably a loop through to fill in the columns into a row?