Compiler error (s) encountered processing expression "Index"

I’m doing a practical activity of the certification of RPA developers. This is the statement:

We have a list of expenses (rent, food, utilities, leisure, savings) for which card payments were made. We have discovered that some transactions are missing, as they were done in cash. Prepare a workflow to bring all the expenses in a single file and calculate the percentages for each expense made.

I can’t quite understand the solution they propose to me. Also, the step guide doesn’t match the UiPath file that contains the solution. Also I don’t understand why it gives me an error in the last step:

Main.xaml: Compiler error (s) encountered processing expression “Index”. ‘System.Data.Index’ is not accessible in this context because it is ‘Friend’.

However in the solution, file it runs correctly. Does anyone know where to take this?


Did you define int32 variable named “index” and set it at Index property of ForEach activity?


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Thanks @Yoichi !!
There was an activity which I’m not configured this variable correctly.

Now, I have another problem, but for this I’m going to write another question. :laughing:

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