Compiler Error Level 3 Hash assignment

Hi, I’m new to UIPath and I’m facing a compiler error.

The error reads “in_TransactionNumber<=in_WIList.count”. ‘Count’ is not a memeber of ‘System.Date.DataTable’.

Blow is the screenshots

My argument type are as follows:

in_TransactionNumber: Int32
in_WIList: DataTable

Any help at all is greater appreciated.



Change the data type of your WIList.
It shouldn’t be of DataTable.

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Hi HalmiNordin,

May I know what data type should I change it to? because I’ve tried a few methods.

Im also taking into consideration that if I were to change it, it might not match the type in my Then condition Assign “out_TransactionItem” which is also DataTable type.



Write below one in IF condition:


And also, if your input is of type ‘DataTable’ then transactionItem is of type ‘DataRow’. Change it to DataRow where ever you used transactionItem in the whole workflow.


Thanks much Lakshman! the error is gone with .Rows.Count

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