Compiler ERROR: Copying in Excel sheet : cell to cell


I am unable to Copy data : cell to cell in excel sheet.
Declared the variables from Read cell to Write Line (Activity).

Priya :slight_smile:

@Priyahk Cellno variable is generic change it to DataTable

hi indra,
I changed, but arising like can not convert datatable to generic…


@Priyahk Can you tell what’s your exact scenario you are doing

Hi Indra,
I want to copy some C2 cell into E2 cell in Excel sheet.


@Priyahk Check attached file (7.4 KB)

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Instead of having a Write Range, use the Write Cell activity.
Then input the variable you created in the Result field of your Read Cell.

If you know that the output of a given cell will always be of String type. Then make sure that your variable has the correct type. You could also in the Write Cell activities Value field put nameOfVariable.ToString.

Hi Stevengoehler,

In Activity panel no write value… only write range.
So, i use both Read range and Write Range with specific cell.


@Priyahk glad you found a solution. I am puzzled how you cannot have both Read Cell and Write Cell activities in the Activities Panel :slight_smile:

Hi Stevengohler,

I use the Read rang and Write rang activity to copy the data from one cell to other cell…