Compile errors in GetTransactionData

Here’s the error screenshot I am getting while trying to compile Main.xaml. This is part of the of the RPA advanced assignment 2. Your help is greatly appreciated.


You have to initiate the variables, and import the corrrecr argument as well, check if you are passing that.


The error simply states, you are passing null values to that activity. check the arguments, variables and dictionaries whatever is being used there @g0furtherwithAI

@fernando_zuluaga @HareeshMR
Thanks, guys. Can you advise how I need to set up WIList and out_transactionItem?
WIList is setup as an an array of DataRow and out_TransactionItem is of type DataRow.
Screenshots below.

what is the name of the assigment?

This is the one to calculate security hashes. Assignment 2 of RPA advanced developer.

you have the correct type of arguments set, just import in the correct variables.