Compile error, namespace cannot be found

I want to use the method Membership.GeneratePassword of System.Web.Security, but it cannot be found.

I’m getting this error:

Compiler error(s) encountered processing expression “System.Web.Security.Membership.GeneratePassword”.
‘Security’ is not a member of ‘Web’.

I’ve installed .NET Framework v. 4.8.03761. but the available imports from .Web is very limited:
2020-01-29 14_09_44-Window

just add to your project imports like this:

I think you need to add the namespace in the Import tab for System.Web.Security
or try for example > System.Web.Security.Membership.GeneratePassword(12,1)

They need to do either or. They can either import it on the tab or use the full name as you provided.

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Yes, agreed

The problem is that the namespace import has nothing below System.Web, aside from AspNetHostingPermission, as shown in the screenshot.

it wouldnt be under that namespace anyway… It is on its own namespace System.Web.Security…
But i understand you did something very wrong in your PC, to wreck .Net Framework as it seems to me…

By wreck you mean use the official Installer from Microsoft :wink:

yes, you prly installed more than one version, or the wrong one for uipath, i dont know, but something is wrong and uipath got crazy…