Compilation is incredibly fussy in 23.4 eh?

So I have been trying out the new version and ooof, the compilation is now so fussy compared to before.

I am guessing this was due to trying to solve the chronic speed issues in 22.10 when working with Windows compatibility but its really really fussy now. I can sometimes have the same workflow, in a project with the same dependencies and one will compile, the other won’t. Sometimes deleting .local fixes, sometimes is won’t and it makes non-sensical complaints of things like an argument cannot be converted to JObject from type JObject (which makes no sense of course).

It seems we need to get all the imports and assembly references updated as its now alot stricter, previously I could just fully declare a method using the full namespace (for example newtonsoft serializing) but now it also needs it in the imports.

Anyone else noticed odd stuff or got suggestions on fixes?

Here’s specifically one I mean that I cannot make sense of.
I have a library activity, its import argument is a JObject (clientDetails).

After updating the Studio 23.4.0 this workflow now refuses to compile, complaining that

'Object of type ‘System.Activities.InArgument1[Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JObject]' cannot be converted to type 'System.Activities.InArgument1[Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JObject]’.

Which, as you can see, makes so sense as that is the same data type…

If I add this library to a fresh workflow and add a JObject variable in this argument it will compile first time I try, but if I add or remove any references it refuses to compile again, even when the references are restored to exactly what it was before it still refuses to compile.