Compilation failed when invoke workflow from subfolder

@Phipsll Did you get a solution to the problem?
This bug is driving me insane

Hi @Konrad

If you are a an enterprise customer, I would suggest you to check with our technical support:

I think this might have been fixed in 20.10 (or even via updating of the packages to said version).

However, I think the issue from the above screenshot is not the one that was originally addressed in this topic. Based on the errors on the screenshot, I would make a guess that the XAML file that is being invoked contains and uses activities/namespaces that are not available in the currently opened project. I recall this used to be an issue when one would try to invoke a XAML file from another project that used different packages. A fix for that was to install the same packages in the parent project.

Hi @Konrad, I applied the workaround by using the legacy library compiler proposed of @loginerror because I did not have the time yet to contact the technical support. Just set the flag for the property UseLegacyLibraryCompiler to true. Afterwards the publishing of a library takes 10x longer but I can live with that.

Link to solution: Legacy Library Compiler Workaround

@Phipsll Alright, thank you for the answer :slight_smile:

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i run into the same issue as @Phipsll with Studio 2020.4.3.
A fix for this bug is not noted in the release notes of Studio 2020.4.4 / 2020.10.2.

@loginerror: Is this bug known to the UIPath development team / already fixed in a more recent version than 2020.4.3? I just wanted to check before creating a ticket.

Bug description:

Thanks. It looks like the issue is already on our roadmap and will be fixed in the future releases. I’ll try to update this topic when I will know more details.

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