Compering two strings and display the percentage match

I work as a project planner. And I receive submittals for project ideas regularly. And some of these ideas have been rejected previously.

However, customers sometimes re-submit these ideas repeatedly, sometimes with the exact description and sometimes with slight changes to the project description.

I am trying to develop a way to filter out and catch re-submitted project ideas and similar ones by comparing them to an exacting date base by doing stings comparison to find the similarities and show the percentage %.

For example:

  • 1- “Build me a new bridge” vs. “Build me a new bridge” would return 100%
  • 2-“Build me a new bridge “ vs. “ Build me a bridge “ would return 80%

How can i implement these functionalities on UiPath StudioX?

Hi @n3if

Download InternalLabs.StringAlgorithms.Activities
Then use Different algorithms



I appreciate your help. I searched in the packages, and I couldn’t find it. I’m running StudioX 2022.10.4. Is this package compatible with it?


Download InternalLabs.StringAlgorithms.Activities


Thank you again. I was able to utilize the Loewenstein algorithm successfully. However, after multiple trials, the Loewenstein did not return accurate results, as the Loewenstein measured the metric difference between the two strings and did not read actual words.
What other way can I compare two strings words-wise, then identify percentage similarity and highlight slimier words in two strings?

For example:

The project will provide a platform and software solution to assist in planning & scheduling
The solution will offer a software platform to enhance planning & scheduling

Results should be around: 57%
And the highlighted words: (The, will, software, platform, to, planning, &, scheduling)