Compatibility Issues

Hi Team,

I have a question related to the release versions.

  1. Do the .xaml files already developed in 2018 1.2 Version,work flawless in the latest versions say 2018 2.4 ?
  2. Is there a way to uninstall the latest version(or updates) and install only the required previous version thereby against the upgrade. suppose i have the latest version 2018 2.4 and If I would want to use the previous version alone (in which the codes were developed) ?

Appreciate a quick revert.

Praveen Kumar Malarouthu

Workflows saved in 2018.1.2 should work in later versions, but if it is saved in 2018.2.4 there could be problems opening it in older versions.

If you do have problems in the newer version, it is most likely because of an activity package.

I have had little problems with 2.3, but am waiting on 2018.4 which comes out in a few months I think.

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