Comparisons in excel

it turns out that I have a comparison of 2 excel files resulting from a database query (Excel A) and another excel that extracts the data from a website (Excel B), those 2 excel are compared and the results of those comparisons are shown in a third excel document (Excel C).

The conditions are:

  1. if both cells are the same, do not copy the contents of the row and move on to the next one.
  2. If they are different, copy the contents of Excel B in Excel C

So far so good …

The condition that gives me problems is the following

  1. When the Excel B record is empty, this is either a space, a comma or another character that is not valid. in an Excel C column you must write that the record does not exist. how do I do that?
    attach images of the information of the excel’s and the flow in UIPATH

[Excel A]

[Excel B]

[Excel C] how should I get out


Wherever u r assigning the value or doing operation , just put one condition …

  1. in “if” loop , write - not string.isnullorempty(your value )
  2. if condition is true , do the operations , else false than leave it blank , it will pick the next row.