Comparison of two excel files, the difference is written in the third under the current date

Hi everyone,

I’m new on the forum and on uipath, so I need some help. I have the task to comparing two excel files, one from Sage the second from the FoxPro, the differences in these two files should be written in the third excel file under the current date and sent to a specific email address, and if there are no differences, they are stored in a certain folder. I would ask for your help

Thank you all

Hi @Gagi77
For more info on this kindly have a view on this that would help you for sure

or if we are trying for getting the similar records
we can use join datatable activity and get the output datatable and write in another excel with write range activity within excel applicatin scope buddy
For more info on this join datatable activity

Cheers @Gagi77

Ok man i will try now with Join Data table activity, thank you bro.

Cheers @Gagi77

Done buddy

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