Comparison from the above column based on certain condition

I have a columns

col1 col2 col3 col4
001 mtdc pbb jbb
001 mtdc pbb kgg
001 mtdc pbb jbb
002 mtdc kbb pbb
002 ldd kbb pbb
003 … … …

The formate of the columns are like this
My requirement is i want to check in col1 whtever the first value is like here it is 001,then this 1st 001 should compare with other 001 one by one.For eg.
1st row of 001 should compare with second row of 001 ,then 1st row 001 to 3rd row 001.
Once done with one similar numbers the go to 002.Same pattern for 002 also.
Note: The number of Distinct value of column 1 can be different.Like here 0001 present 3 times but 002 present 2 times.

And not only col1,based on the col1 i need to compare the whole row with the 1st row.FOr eg, Whole row of second row of 001 should compare with whole 1st row

plss help


Check below for your reference