Comparison amt fields with different format


I have variable1 = 110.00(PDF) and variable 2 = 110(CSV) which are amount fields with

I want to compare variable1 = do I do it?


@krishnan, Duplicate :
How to check a specific column in the datatable is blank or not

Dominic :slight_smile:


Hi @krishnan,

Convert.ToDouble(variable1) = Convert.ToDouble(variable2)

Use the above code to check the values are equal using if condition



by giving a input value in an application,i report screen is displayed.In the report screen I want to capture a text and based on this value I need to compare and go to another screen ?how to capture a text from a screen.this process as it be repeated no of times based on the records in the data table?can you help on this


To be simpler for the above question,i want to execute an application screen multiple times and pick a text value from the screen ? how do I do it? can any one help on this ASAP


Convert.ToDouble(variable1) .Equals(Convert.ToDouble(variable2))