Comparision of two invoice excel sheets

what is the if condition for comparing the two invoice excel sheets…

Hi @amala443,
1.You can use two for each rows and check the if condition using the two column values of 2 dat tables…


i used can you see the attached fileMain.xaml (9.4 KB)

I’m little bit confusing


You can read both excels as datatable and then compare it using this custom activity.

i don’t have data table comparision activity in studio…

Hi @amala443,

In your workflow use the if condition like this…It will work…


By default the value will be of object type…So, we have to convert to string and compare the values…

Any doubts let me know…


thank u so much… any doubts i will let you now…

Good to hear…

Let me know any doubts and if it is working good mark it as solution and close the thread.


in condition it showing error like “end of expression expected”

Hi @amala443 ,

Main (9).xaml (11.0 KB)

Modified few changes. Please have a look.