Comparing two data tables


Hi @Ananthu,
thank you for help. I understand now everything clear -)
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Hi Ananthu,

I am stuck in a similar problem…

I have two data tables, one contains the names, another datatable contains another set of names, i just need to check if the name in dt1 is present in dt2.

can you please help me?EXCELanasys.xaml (35.2 KB)


Hi shreyaank,
Ya sure! I will send you the workflow by tomorrow…

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Hi @shreyaank,
I have verified your work flow. You have to initialize the variable i to 0. If you still have issues, kindly send me the excel sheet so that I could verify.

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_testsheet1.xlsx (12.1 KB)
testsheet2.xlsx (306.3 KB)

Hi Ananthu,

i have uploaded testsheet 1 and testsheet 2,

i want to check if the name frm sheet1_is present in sheet2. if it is present, it should display yes or else No


Hi Ananthu,

I have made the changes, still getting error. Please have a look.
EXCELanasys (1).xaml (37.0 KB)