Comparing two data tables


Hi @Ananthu,
thank you for help. I understand now everything clear -)
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Hi Ananthu,

I am stuck in a similar problem…

I have two data tables, one contains the names, another datatable contains another set of names, i just need to check if the name in dt1 is present in dt2.

can you please help me?EXCELanasys.xaml (35.2 KB)


Hi shreyaank,
Ya sure! I will send you the workflow by tomorrow…

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Hi @shreyaank,
I have verified your work flow. You have to initialize the variable i to 0. If you still have issues, kindly send me the excel sheet so that I could verify.

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_testsheet1.xlsx (12.1 KB)
testsheet2.xlsx (306.3 KB)

Hi Ananthu,

i have uploaded testsheet 1 and testsheet 2,

i want to check if the name frm sheet1_is present in sheet2. if it is present, it should display yes or else No


Hi Ananthu,

I have made the changes, still getting error. Please have a look.
EXCELanasys (1).xaml (37.0 KB)


Hi Ananthu,

I am stuck with a similar kind of challenge that you faced once as per this post and I still haven’t found any luck.

In my case, I have some expected dataset in an excel file and I need to extract similar type of data from a web portal into another tab of that excel file. Once done, I need to then compare the two data set to find out whether the Expected Values matches with the Actual Values or not. If not, I need to highlight the same in the expected data set only to make the user aware that the related actual data has different value.

Can you kindly assist me with your finding that helped you earlier to overcome a similar situation?




Hi @Kaustavc1991,
You can make use of the workflow that I had attached with the post. If it doesn’t work for you, do let me know. I will suggest an alternate way to approach the problem.

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