Comparing two data tables: Making two different values match with no difference


  1. I have a application where I need to book a trade with the given details from test data(excel).
  2. After submitting the data, Trade Is will be generated and it will be captured.
  3. For confirmation, using this Trade ID, DB query will be run to retrieve the exact details that were submitted through test data.
  4. Test data will be captured as one data table and the query results will be captured as another data table and these two needs to be compared and the result should display like match/unmatch with the differences

I have a scenario where the date will be given as “SPOT” which means current date(like this i have many like1w(1 week), +1M(amount) etc) in test data.But, from DB query the values will be different(like currentdate yy/mm/dd, yy/mm/dd+1week, 10,00,000) How can i make these two data values equal when comparing the data tables?

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