Comparing two columns in Excel sheet but not rowwise


YES exactly !


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Thank you so much for your help . now i think i need to learn C# for understanding linq.


Opt for VB.NET as uipath supports it, not C#

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okay thanks any site you suggest which will be good for me for beginners to start studyng i know java but i dont have any idea reafrding

@aamir, Follow and refer these ,

  1. Uipath forum posts (previous) regarding Linq Query (Most helpful and concise)
  2. Microsoft MSDN site for Linqs

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Thank you so much Dominic i will go through it. Thanks a lot for everything.

Hi Dominic,

Need your help.
I have an excel sheet in date column value is missing in between many times.
I want to fill those rows in date column. attaching you the excel sheet for reference.GL.xls (1.9 MB)
I have uploaded the dummy excel sheet. Please take a look into it

if u completed can you share this task xmal files or upload here

Hi @Dominic,

Will this scan the sheet row by row? Or will it copy and paste all the rows that match at once?
I am looking for something similar, but the spreadsheet has about 20k records, so I do not want a row by row solution. Appreciate your help! Thanks

Hi @oshinkavdia, it’s a LINQ - method of applying a query on a datatable that has been read from excel. So it queries’ directly on the datatable instead of looping row wise. This is faster when compared to traditional for each row.


I have a query.I have to compare Account Numbers in two sheets of excel and update in the “status” column.
but,in my case it should compare single row by row(It shouldn’t compare all rows at a time).please,help me with this.

Hi @Srilatha

Please refer this thread

Process rows in excel and write output - #29 by rahatadi

Let me know if you need any help