Comparing two columns from two datatables

Hey guys,
Complete rookie and new member here, so i would appreciate any help.
I have two data-tables and i want to compare 1 column in both tables. I would like to only keep the rows in the first data table if the cell in column 1 of data table 1 is not present anywhere in column one of data table 2. I would ideally like to do this with just the base UI path and no packages or coding as such.

Attached is an example of my inputs and the output i would like to get. I know the easiest way would be for a nested for loop and an if check, but there are too many rows and uipath seems to crash when i try this. If somebody could help out and explain their logic, like they are talking to a complete moron, that would be great :slight_smile:

check this once


This almost works. It does what is needed if if my join condition is set for both bringing through items that are equal(i.e present) in both data table one and two. It does not work if my join condition has to only bring through elements that are not in column 1 of data table 2 i.e( != )
It simply prints all elements multiple thousand times for some reason…

Main.xaml (19.9 KB)

I’m not sure if it’s even possible to perform what you want with the Join Wizard because by it’s nature it looks up values and matches like a VLookup.

I have attached two options that work, they will work fast even with 20K+ lines. I would probably recommend option 2, less code.


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