Comparing Time value with a specific Format(wD xH yM zS)

Hello Developers,

I am getting an value of TimeStamp in a format of ‘wD xH yM zS’ in an excel sheet having multiple rows.

I want to filter out the rows having timestamp more then 3 hours into separate excel.

Also if in case timestamp is just 10 hours 30 minutes 10 seconds then it will be mentioned as ‘10H 30M 10S’. without any D in the format (0D 10H 30M 10S).

Kindly help me with the logic for handling such scenario.

try using the split activity based on spaces and then if output array has 4 items then consider day into consideration else it will be only xH yM zS

And then use split on xH, you will get hour value and then based on that you can add to new excel, same logic for M and S.

Let us know if this helps,
Pavan H