Comparing the two rows and Concatenating the Values

As I am working with 1000 number of id and value, I want to concatenate the id and value if two values are same and make a new column as data… else leave as it is

id value data
1 abc
2 abc
3 abc
4 def
5 def
6 ghi

Expected Result
id value data
1 abc abc
2 abc 2-abc
3 abc 3-abc
4 def def
5 def 5-def
6 ghi 6-ghi

Friends please help me in finding the solution for this…
Thanks in Advance.


@PRAVEENTHUYAMANI Check below file.

Countone–.xaml (11.8 KB)

Output file.

a.xlsx (8.5 KB)


Thank you so much…

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