Comparing The Time and Targets In Excel


As I attached in screenshot those are the Targets…!! For Example Employee has to complete the 50Records At 5PM… But he has completed Only 30Records… So based On taking levels he is lagging at 3PM so he is 2levels Low…!! If he has only 20Records at 5Clock he is 3Levels Low…!!

Based On levels bot has to send the mail’s to respective Members…!!


Hi @Rishik_Chowdary

If target and time are constant you can use Switch activity to send mails as per the conditions


Hope the following sample helps you.

dt.Rows.IndexOf(dt.AsEnumerable.Where(Function(r) DateTime.Parse(r("Time").ToString).ToString("HHmm")<=targetDateTime.ToString("HHmm")).Last)

dt.Rows.IndexOf(dt.AsEnumerable.Where(Function(r) Int32.Parse(r("Target").ToString)<=currentValue).Last) (9.5 KB)

Note: it might be needed to tuning regarding datetime style.