Comparing the data table

Want to compare the values in excel.
Input Excel -
Column 1 Material NO
Column 2 Cust Ref
Column 3 Qty
Column 4 Expect Qty
Column 5 Status
Condition 1 If Material NO is the same then check for Cust Ref and if the Cust Ref is the same then check for Status
condition 2 If Status is shipped then add the qty and write in another excel with column name qty shipped
condition 3 if the status is canceled then add the qty and write in another excel with column name qty canceled
condition 4 if the qty cell is zero then for that cell take the expt qty value there for summing.
The output excels with column names 1. material no 2. Cust ref 3. qty-canceled 4. qty-shipped.
Please help me to solve this one

Hi @abrahamjoyaldavid ,

Follow the below steps,

  1. Read the input excel
  2. Create a table using Build Data table and declare the columns which you need to see in the result excel.
  3. Iterate using For each row in Data table
  4. Use If condition to compare the values and perform the true conditions in the then part and false conditions in the else part.
  5. Use assign activity and assign the values into datatable.
  6. Finally, use add data row and add the values into the created datatable.

Hope this is helpful.


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Thanks, Ashwin
For your information, I have done the way you mentioned but the problem is after the headers there is 2 row is empty and the qty is not summing

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