Comparing string variables


@Srini84 could u please tell me if my if condition is not proper


I didn’t understand why you are keeping “” if those are variables?

Write as below

SupplierPANNumber <> pancardoutput1 AND SupplierBankAccountNumber <> accountnumber1 AND SupplierBankIFSCCode = ifsccode1 AND SupplierGSTINNumber = gstin1 AND SupplierGSTLegalName = legalname1

Try with that and let us know


@Srini84 i tired using your condition only i changed SupplierBankIFSCCode<> ifsccode1 as the ifsccode is also not matching bu then it does not execute the condition
below is the ss

@Srini84 here is the SupplierBankIFSCCode default value “SBIN0012503”
below is the ss for pancardoutput1, accountnumber1, ifsccode1 gstin1, legalname1



Check below It’s getting true


@Srini84 my some values are null will it work then?


see it is comparing the values and you have given and condition, AND condition will be true if all the conditions you have give are True then only it will pass to Then part, If any of the condition is False then It will go to else part


@Srini84 yes i can show u the case through google meet