Comparing of values

Hi All,

I’m trying to compare a website figure using screenscraping to my excel file value.
I managed to read the two values and want it to send an email to me indicating which value is greater.
If the value of the website is greater than excel value, it will send me an email indicating we have sufficient cash. It works fine all the way up to the comparison of values.
My website value (=1,000,000) is greater than my excel value (=200,000)but UiPath seems to read it differently. Any idea why? Thanks!


Can you try the following condition of IF activity?



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Hi @Yoichi , can I confirm another step.
The value I’m trying to compare from the web changes daily. Hence, screen scraping does not work. Data scraping does not work too as it is just a value instead of a table.
Do you know if there are any activity I can use to read of a value from webpage to compare to my excel value?

From webpage:


Hi @victorialim ,

Use a Click Activity and Indicate the Value. Open the Selector in UiExplorer and Send us a Screenshot of it.

This will help us find the right attributes for extracting the value.

Also a Screenshot of the Page where the value is present would be helpful.

Hi @supermanPunch ,
Apologies if I didn’t get you right. I’m trying to extract a value from a certain position of the webpage (it will always be at the same position).
It is basically a bank balance and I’m trying to compare the SGD value from the webpage below to my excel.
I will have to use the click activity on the value?
It was working when I used screen scaping but as the value changed, it does not work anymore.

@victorialim ,

Yes, Do try this and let us know if you were able to get the Selector for that value.