Comparing if two values are the same

Hello Community, Once again it´s me.

I´m having trouble understanding where the problem is here, and a fear that is most likely that the problem has a very stupid solution, yet still, I´m unable to find it.

I have this form, where I want to compare is the two values on the control I highlighted are the same or not and run based in the result. There are two ways that I´m trying to get result from this comparison.
The first one is this label that has the property “hidden” as

Where the App variable “Monto a Pagar” stores the value of the input text control.
And “Data Context. Total a Cobrar($)” stores the other value of which I’m comparing. This value is the same as the label control above.

The next stage where this comparison is key is in the “Click Event” of the bottom on green “Procesar”

Here as you can see I have a condition that verifies whether the bot values mentioned before are the same.

The problem here is that when I input the same values any of these two verifications work as I expected.

I most be formulating the comparison wrong, so once again I ask for some clarity here.

Thank you very much, Regards!

What are you trying to achieve? I am not very clear with your problem

I want to verify if two values are the same…
The values I´m comparing are
“Monto a Pagar”
“Data Context. Total a Cabrar($)”

The first image is a from in my App, and the goal is to compare whether the value in the input control is the same as in the Label control

Im doing this through the If, condition the click event explained above and in the hidden property of the label control that I also explained above.
@Arvind_Kumar1 The problem s that either of the solutions I develop to verify the comparison is working
Hopefully I provided enough clarity to the problem.

Ok so both is working ? So what is your question to fix?

Nono, neither is working.

Hi there Luis,

When you run in debug mode try to see each variable value returned that your ‘get text’ activity is getting, I assume you are using this to get the values on the app page.

Then, try to log these values and see for yourself what it returns, if nothing, maybe something wrong with your get text if it does try to check you condition expression, you are comparing string with integers or what?

Oops … let me try to reproduce and get back to u…

to make it easy… Just tell me what expression would you use to verify if two Numeric value are the same?

Because my logic isn´t working :frowning:

In expression you have given double == can you please remove one and see ?

Hello @Luis_Fernando ,

I have tried with below rules and its working. Please check as below. Make sure this all expression on rules are case sensitive so if any case sensitive happen then this will not work FYI.


yeah, it shows me an error

Great! Well, the only difference is that I´m working with Numbers instead of strings. I will try redoing the whole sequence. I’ve had scenarios where I have this kind of error and just by redoing the flow it starts working.