Comparing Dates in a column of excel workbook to Today's Date

I want to compare “Order Confirmation Date” - manually entered by someone - mentioned in a column of an excel tracker to today’s date. There could be multiple entries in a day. If the order confirmation date is today, the bot should trigger an email asking the client for billing details so that invoicing process can begin. How do i build this “if the order confirmation date is today’s date”?

Hey @Rupna80

Can you please let us know what steps you have tried. What things you have searched on forum. You should be able to find tons of solutions on Converting string to Date and Date comparison.

Its always a good practice to first search in any forum, if you were unable to find any help with teh search , then mention what issue you are facing in your problem and what are the things you have tried.


Hello Rocki!

What I have done so far is search for list, collections, arrays (I am still not sure if the Column that has order confirmation date should be any of these as I do not just want to compare one value to today’s date but all new order’s at the end of every day). I am getting results such as comparing collections - which does not work for me because I am comparing many values in a column to just one value and the collections are not the same size.

I have attached an image that allows me to get today’s date and also allows me to compare with order confirmation date - but just for one row. How do i go to the next row/s (or values in rest of the column)? Use Counter? Use Read Column? (this does not allow me to store value of this column in a variable). So completely lost here


The “Yes” triggers rest of the flow which i slogging into gmail, composing a message with the correct subject and email ID of the POC - but they are all values given in a specific row. How do i get the bot to the same functions for every row? I looked at For Each function - but still unable to do it