Comparing datarows excluding last column from excel

Hey guys

Is is possible comparing rows (datatable/itemarrays) excluding one column (lets say last one

Under my workflow i am getting some data from file (as arraylist) and checking if these data exists in excel file

i am checking duplicates in excel file, but last column is filename (which can be different, but rest of values can ba same)

Excel sheet: (unique values - excluding last column -filename)
| Name1 | Surename1 | Age1 | FileName1
| Name1 | Surename2 | Age2 | FileName2

Now getting value and it should be duplicate value despite FileName3 doesn’t exist in excel sheet column (because rest of values are same - exist in excel sheet row)
Name1 | Surename1 | Age1 | FileName3

Sum up. I want compare only 3 columns, in this case excluding last one

Regards, Luke

Should be possible at least with a LINQ statement with the assumption that the excel was readin into a datatable.

Let me know if you are interested on some more details on this